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Authority Pest Control Mosquito Removal Services

Mosquito-Removal--in-Austin-Texas-Mosquito-Removal-5076726-imageAuthority Pest Control offers professional mosquito removal services for residential and commercial properties in Austin, Texas. Our team of experienced technicians uses safe and effective methods to eliminate mosquitoes from your property.

We begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your property to identify potential breeding sites and areas where mosquitoes are most active. Based on our findings, we develop a customized treatment plan that targets the specific needs of your property.

Our mosquito removal services include:

1. Larvicide treatments: We apply larvicides to standing water sources such as ponds, fountains, bird baths or any other area with stagnant water which will prevent larvae from developing into adult mosquitos

2. Barrier sprays: We use EPA-approved insecticides applied through backpack mist blowers around the perimeter of your yard including trees shrubs bushes etc., creating an invisible barrier against flying insects like mosquitos

3. Fogging Treatments: For more severe infestations we offer fogging treatments using ULV (ultra-low volume) machines that disperse tiny droplets throughout the air killing all airborne pests instantly

4.Mosquito traps : These devices attract female mosquitoes who lay their eggs inside them but get trapped before they can fly away again thus reducing future populations significantly over time

At Authority Pest Control ,we understand how important it is for you to enjoy outdoor activities without being bothered by pesky mosquitoes . That's why we guarantee complete satisfaction with our service so you can relax knowing that you're protected against these disease-carrying pests!