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Flea-Control--in-Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Flea-Control-5072961-imageAuthority Pest Control offers professional flea control services for residential and commercial properties in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to effectively eliminate fleas from your property.

Our flea control service begins with a thorough inspection of your property to identify areas where fleas are present or likely to be found. We then develop a customized treatment plan based on the severity of the infestation and specific needs of your property.

We use safe and effective methods that target adult fleas as well as their eggs, larvae, and pupae. Our treatments include both chemical sprays and non-chemical options such as heat treatments or vacuuming depending on what will work best for each individual case.

In addition to our initial treatment, we also offer ongoing preventative measures such as regular inspections, monitoring traps, education about how to prevent future infestations through proper sanitation practices like cleaning up pet hair regularly etc., so you can enjoy long-term relief from these pesky pests!

At Authority Pest Control we understand that dealing with an infestation can be stressful which is why we strive for excellent customer service throughout every step of the process. Contact us today if you need help getting rid of fleas in Pittsburgh!