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Are they Ants? Flying Ants? Termites?

Every single year termites and similar pests damage crops and man- made structures in the U.S. With estimated damages upward of $30 billion dollars they are no joke.

While prevention is key, if you have termites this is something that needs to be cared for immediately. We will locate and exterminate the issue. That’s why, we here at Authority Pest Control believe we are the number 1 pest control company in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk, Virginia.


Average Cost Of Damage from termites

A homeowner who discovers termite damage will on average spend upwards of $3,000 on repairing the damages. Let us help you before the damage occurs. Give us a call today and we will do a FREE estimate. If we told you we could save you thousands of dollars on future termite damage that would be something you would want to know YES? We make it our goal to protect homes in Chesapeake,Norfolk,Virginia Beach and Virginia.


Graphic termite pest control

Do you know how to distinguish flying ants from termites?

  • The antennas on a termite are almost straight while ants are elbowed
  • The wings on “flying” termites are about twice as big as the body
  • Ants are distinctly segmented with a thin waist while termites have the broader waist.

Don’t take any chances

If you believe you may have termites call us right away to avoid further damage. We will give you a free estimate and solve your termite problem right away.


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